Find your why, even if you don’t want to.

Let’s be honest, sometimes life can knock you down and make it extremely hard to get back up.  When things happen, which they will, there are people who turn negative circumstances into a fire under their rear ends and keep going with a passion and a purpose.  They continue to work out, they eat healthy, and keeping up their fitness is a stress outlet for them.   Other people, however may find that hard to do.  I have had many life events occur and with each one reacted differently.  Several family tragedy’s caused me to wake up and begin my fitness journey.  Stressful times have ignited the flame under my butt and have caused me to pursue different careers, focus on harder training, healthier eating, and the training progress I was making kept me going.  Lately, the opposite reaction happened to me.  Without writing a novel and boring you with mundane details, life recently gave me and my husband a nice throat punch about 7 months ago.  A mixture of health details, and unfortunate news brought me to a halt into my fitness journey.  My mindset became what’s the point, instead of, what is my goal.  My food choices became poor.  I joined a gym and went only about 5 times.  Instead of waking up for 5 AM workouts I slept in.  My energy was depleted and I just gave up trying.  Call it depression, or call it a down time, but the fact was I was only hurting myself.  

The self realization, that something needed to change, occurred several weeks ago.  I got out of the shower to get dressed for work and the top button of my work pants wouldn’t close.  Holy crap, that's not going to work so I abruptly grabbed a dress out of the closet to hide my growing mid section.  At the same time, I stepped on the scale and it hit a high number that I had not seen in a while.  It was higher than expected, and it almost brought tears to my eyes.  I would say it’s my personal warning “number” that instantly sends red alarms off in my head.  I’m not saying you should weigh yourself all the time, and numbers can only just be that, numbers.  However, with the unhealthy choices I had been making, I knew my body was in distress.  I instantly began having flash backs of a time in my life where I had made consistent un-healthy choices.  There was a time in which I never stepped foot into a gym, I ate everything, I drank sugary drinks and my body, face, strength, and health were in jeopardy.  There was a time where I had a cholesterol check and the doctor told me it was 210, which is extremely high.  I was only 23 then.  16 years later I was slapped back in the face with that memory.  No more.  

The next morning I tried to get up to go to the gym.  I failed.  I was too sleepy.  The next morning I got online and searched for CrossFit and boot camp classes in my area.  I sent emails, scheduled some free trial workouts and never showed up.  I told myself I would go to the gym, or run after work and would come home to only cook dinner and watch TV.  Then, this last weekend I was in the car with my step-son, who is visiting his dad and I for the summer, and we had a conversation.  He told me that while he was here visiting, he wanted to make it a priority to work out and get into decent shape before he entered the halls of his new school.  You see, this summer is his transition from Middle School to High School.  I looked at this child, now young man, and he had gone from a boy who slept the summers away, to having this conversation with me, right then, of wanting to get out of his room and work on his fitness.  He wanted to get strong, and he wanted my help.  Without a question, I said okay, let’s do this.  I contacted a gym, found a 5am class and scheduled our first workout within 2 days.  I was going to help this young man build muscle and work on his fitness for the summer.  I had a mission.  When it was time to wake up at 4:30am on the first day I was skeptical that he was not going to roll out of bed.  In fact, I had anticipated it so I recruited his older sister to come with me so I still knew in my mind I had to go.  I woke him up, and they both were excited to go to the class.  I need to reiterate…they were excited…at 4:30am…teenagers don’t get excited at 4:30am…at least none that I have come across.  So, off to the gym we went.  We had an awesome workout, and we were home by 6am allowing me to get ready for work. Amazing.  This small event has given me the surge I needed to start getting back to normal.  Now, at least while they are visiting this summer, my brain can make the switch from I need to get up for myself, to I need to get the kids up, to go workout.  This simple strategy is what is going to get me back into my normal rhythm.  So far they both love the 5am class.  Is it early for them to wake up?  Heck yeah it is, and don’t get me wrong they are both groggy and still sleepy but they still go…and because of that I still go.

So my point of this is, find your reason.  Start looking now.  It’s hard.  It sucks.  The reason may not make sense right now but it will help you get into a normal routine.  Life will throat punch you, but it’s about the journey you take up the mountains which will affect how you do in the valleys.


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