Hey There IronAnt Fitness Members, Why Do You OCR?

The OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) community is filled with people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, age groups, skill levels, and have multiple reasons why they are participating in such a challenging event.  Whether or not people are running an inflatable obstacle course race, a more challenging one such as Savage Race, or an extreme race like the Spartan Ultra Beast, everyone who competes has a reason. 

There are 3 types of people in OCR. 

Type 1 - The type of person who lives and breathes OCR.  You will see their Facebook posts of endless races, they train, they have their weekends filled with races, and they have the bruises, scars, and memories to prove it. Whether they are serious competitors, or just average people, everyone knows everyone, hangs out, encourages, and spends most weekends together as one big family.

Type 2 - The people who occasionally participate.  These guys are happy doing one OCR to cross of their bucket list, get the pictures, and prove to themselves that they are definitely a bad ass.  These people may only do one in their life, to one every year or two.  They casually smile at the #1 people as they watch them, shake their head at their shenanigans, and wonder how they find the time to commit each weekend.  These people typically set their fitness goals and consider their finish a major accomplishment.  They are often the heart of the OCR community.

 Type 3 - The people who are friends, family and strangers of Type 1 and 2 who just don’t seem to understand.  They judge, they may come to support, but have no clue as to why the person they are watching wants to do the things they do.  They claim they would never run a 24 hour obstacle course race, question the reasoning behind jumping off a 20ft platform, and couldn’t imagine having to clean up the amount of mud and dirt that falls off each participant.

This blog is to help Type 3 people out and share a little bit of what drives 1 and 2 people to do what they do.  Let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with being Type 3.  In IronAnt fitness we encourage all skill levels, all sports, and all activities as long as you are out doing something you love and staying active.  

Recently, IronAnt Fitness posted on Facebook asking the “Why do you OCR?,” for their members to respond.  In an attempt to help understand where a majority of the members minds are while doing these extreme events, let me share some of their responses.

As you can see, people who choose to participate in the races have so many reasons and backgrounds.  Personally, for me, OCRs have become a way to see my "framily" (friends who are like family)  on the weekends.  We challenge each other, support each other, and motivate each other by sticking together and having fun.

I challenge any person who is a Type 3, come out, try 1 with IronAnt fitness.  I promise that if you don't have a fun time, we won't ever make you go again.  We will help you through your fears, and who knows, maybe you'll discover your "why" in the process.

So tell me...Why do you OCR?  or, Why do you NOT OCR?


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