OCR Buddy? What the heck is that?

It’s race season, and if you are like me then you have begun scouring social media posts, checked a million team websites, and have attempted to search all the races in your area using an online search engine.  These tasks are already a pain in the rear if you do them while sitting at a computer, but with technology these days, most of us do this on our phones while screaming at the connection speed, cringing at non-mobile compatible websites, and squinting trying to read fine print.  These intense searching efforts are done with the hopes that you wouldn’t miss the one Obstacle Course Race that just happens to be in your backyard, your friend’s area, or another place you wouldn’t mind travelling to.   It seems that every year, despite these rigorous efforts, you and I both know what happens…you always miss one. 

Change the Filters For
Your Search
You miss the OCR that just happens to be in your backyard which everyone “assumed” you would be at, and by the time you find out about it, registration prices are through the roof or you already have a commitment for that weekend you can’t get out of.  Often times I have found myself online for hours looking at races, how far away they were, who was going, how many were going, and were there any promo codes.  There are an abundance of OCR companies, teams, and websites available however searching for races can become a daunting task.  Self admittedly, I have also been the victim of
“double booking” because I had forgot to put a race I registered for (sometimes over a year ago) in my calendar, and then registered for another race the same day which in turn becomes a “who wants to buy my extra registration” nightmare.  This has been a problem plagued by racers for years.  Whether or not you race the occasional OCR, or are a weekend warrior like myself.  I recently learned that I was not alone in this yearly agitation and someone else in the OCR community was experiencing the same angst.  This someone else, was Russ Blatt who created a mobile friendly app called OCR Buddy.  Russ has been an avid obstacle course racer since 2013 and shared the same frustrations as the normal racer.  When I asked him why he created this app he told me it was because he became tired of going to website, to website, to find races.  He kept thinking to himself there has got to be a better way!  Russ Blatt decided to act on his frustrations and became the owner, founder, and creator of OCR Buddy. 

So all this talk about OCR Buddy, what in the world is it?

OCR Buddy is an app you can download onto your phone which is a user friendly Obstacle Course Racing calendar.  It allows you to connect with your friends, find races around the world, and provides you with promo codes if there is one available.  Amazing, right!?  This little tiny app on my phone has now become my go to in planning races.  Not only can I easily access it, but if I know a race is happening and don’t see it, I can add it!  That’s right, Russ has made this app super user friendly.  You don’t have to be a genius to use it, or have your 8 year old show you how it’s done.  I’ve used race calendar apps in the past and they have either frozen on me, only included a few races
here or there, or were so frustrating I instantly deleted them.  OCR Buddy is not like that at all.  The process has been simplified and I not only can easily access my local Florida races, but it has races all around the globe!  All I have to do is change a filter and BAM, I can see what race is happening in Ireland. 

Race Listing
OCR Buddy is a must have for us Obstacle Course Racers.  I promise it will make your life so much more easier.  I also may add that it’s $1.99 to purchase.  That’s less than a cup of coffee these days.  You can also feel good about the purchase because 20% of profits are going back to charities that assist veterans, and those who are fighting cancer.  What better way than to spend $2.00?

Learn more about OCR Buddy at http://ocrbuddy.com/

Visit OCR Buddy on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/OCRBuddy


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