Mud Titan's Featured Athlete - Joshua Gossett

In this Mud Titan Spotlight I sat down to interview Joshua Gossett who is an active volunteer, participant, and coach within MudTitan.  If you ran Mud Titan 5 on March 5, 2016 you may remember Joshua as the “creative” Titan in charge of the obstacle Gladiator Games.  The runner was subjected to pulling tires, tire flips, and box jumps along this particular stretch of the course.  I’ve known Joshua personally for over a year and I can tell you that he is not only an awesome motivator and Coach, but is also a loyal friend and down to earth individual.

(KDub - AKA Muddy Warrior Chick) – Joshua, thank you again for taking a moment to talk with me.  Let’s get started by telling me how old you are, and what do you do when you aren’t going to Obstacle Course Races (OCRs) every weekend.

(JG – Joshua Gossett)  - I am 26 years old.  Usually on the weekends I hang out with my friends and family.  I work out as much as possible.  I schedule clients, because I am a personal trainer and some clients are only available on weekends.  During race season I have to adjust my personal training hours to accommodate my schedule.

(KDub) – What are your favorite hobbies?

(JG)  -  That’s easy!  Working out, eating food, watching and playing sports.  I’m fairly simple. 

(KDub) – What is your favorite kind of food?

(JG)  -  Oh, tacos.  I love tacos.  They are the most glorious things in the world.

(KDub) – What started your fitness journey, made you become a personal trainer, and eventually evolved into you racing OCRs?

Making Darien a Spartan
(JG)  -  Basically when I was in high school I played sports.  When I was growing up I was overweight and weighed around 260 lbs.  Shortly after I graduated high school I joined the Army which motivated me to lose the excess weight.  I ended up dropping about 90 lbs.  I did one deployment for a year and came back to the United States.  Shortly after I returned, and was discharged, I began working at a wine and cheese shop.  While I was working there I realized that I wanted to pursue a fitness related career which allowed me to help others.  Losing weight was the easiest thing for me to do and I wanted to show others how to do it based on my experience.  I had an opportunity with my former Squad Leader who lived in Ocala, Florida looking for someone to help him open up a fitness studio.  This was back in 2013 and I eventually moved down to Ocala to help him out.  I started small, which I didn’t mind.  I knew that it would take time to start working with more people.  After about 1 year we took the small studio and expanded into a larger gym space.  We started to meet more people, I started training a lot more people, my name started getting around, and I really enjoyed every moment.  Fitness, I just enjoy it, it is very stress relieving, you get to meet a lot of people and experience a lot of different personalities.  This is also why I wanted to begin doing OCRs was to meet different people and experience different personalities.  It’s something I enjoy doing.

(KDub) – What was the first Obstacle Course Race you ever did?

(JG)  -  My first Obstacle Course Race was Warrior Dash.  I did it after I came back from a deployment and it was before I moved to Florida.  Once I moved to Florida it was Cowboy Crawl which was awesome.

(KDub) – What was it about those 2 races which made you continue registering for Obstacle Course Races?

(JG)  -  I thoroughly enjoyed them.  That was one thing in the Army that I loved, was doing the obstacle course.  This gave me the connection between something I loved and doing it for fun.  This is how I met the team MudRunFun.  I officially became a member of MudRunFun during Monster Challenge.  I just stuck with the group of people, met a lot of great people there, and have raced with them since.  I met more people at the Tampa, FL Spartan Sprint and the people are what made me want to come back every time.  This is why I really enjoy Obstacle Course Racing.  I don’t mind competing in them, but when I run in the open waves I get to see people I normally don’t get to see because I live so far up North in Florida.  So for me, it’s about the community connection, and having a good time.

(KDub) – Let’s say you register for a race, and it’s a really big challenging race, is there any specific training you do to prepare yourself for it?

(JG)  -  When it comes to that, and honestly I’m not a real big runner, I just train harder.  I just normally don’t lift weights like normal people do.  I integrate circuits into my workout throughout the week.  I get a lot of my cardio and conditioning done that way.  I start working my lower body 3-4 times a week instead of just twice.  My circuits always involve Olympic style lifting and explosive body weight exercise and I always try to focus around these types of workouts.  Occasionally I will use a sand pit, at the gym I work at, to help condition my legs but that’s where most of my cardio conditioning comes from.  Like I said, I’m not a huge runner.  As long as you can train well, and condition well, a person can typically outlast many people on the running parts of the races. 

(KDub) – Is there any specific piece of equipment, good luck charm, or anything you have to bring to a race for success?

(JG)  -  I have a tiny little Michelangelo given to me from one of my nephews which sits in the bottom of my race bucket.  It never comes out, even when I clean it out I keep it there.

(KDub) – Do you have any advice for new comers who are thinking about signing up for their first obstacle course race?

(JG)  -  Yes!  I would mainly say just go and venture out.  Try it.  Don’t be scared to do one.  I have come across a lot of people a lot of times who are always hesitant about doing one.  They always ask me what an easy one to do is, and state they don’t want one that’s too hard.  My response is to make it like life, just go for it.  All the races are different and you don’t want to do one that is too easy because it won’t be as fun and challenging for you.  Just go out there, try and have as much fun as possible, and take a group of people with you especially as your first race.  It’s not going to be as
much fun when you do it yourself as when you have your friends there helping you along.  Once you incorporate a large or small group you can have fun.  Just keep trying to find other races which are more geared towards what you like and your interests.  Also, don’t give up looking for a race if you can’t find one, Florida has so many great races there is always one to try out.  

(KDub) – For Mud Titan, you have been a volunteer, a runner, a spectator and apart of the 12 Labors of Hercules event as a Cadre, can you tell us what your favorite thing about this race or organization might be which keeps you so dedicated to it?

(JG)  -  I would definitely say the organization.  I enjoy a couple of the obstacles on the course and one of my favorites is the “Super Ninja” which is an inverted ladder type obstacle which requires you to use your upper body.  I’ve never done that one in another race so it’s pretty awesome to have something different there to change things up.  I enjoy that the course is always flooded with water which brings a whole new level of challenge to the event.  I also think the owner is pretty nice and is an all-around good guy.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him a few times and he genuinely cares about the people and volunteers.  As a volunteer it’s always good to have the support of the Race Director.  They tend to put a lot of responsibility on the volunteers and he’s always been respectful and appreciative of everyone who is out supporting him that day.  The 12 Labors of Hercules I participated in was the first event like that they had.  I think it went as smoothly as possible and I can’t wait to help out for the second one. 

(KDub) – Is there one thing you can look back in your fitness career or life in which you can say to yourself “wow, I accomplished that and I am proud?”

Making Darien a Spartan
(JG)  -  I wouldn’t really say for me, but actually helping somebody.  My biggest accomplishment is being there for other people and helping them through these races.  I was honored to be able to help the movement “Making Darien a Spartan” and also working with the VIP Warriors to assist them through courses and motivating them.  I also have a running buddy which runs with me through many of the races and seeing her succeed in obstacles that she couldn’t do before and watching her progress over the past 2 years is especially rewarding.  I would definitely say watching other people succeeding in their goals makes me proud.  Obstacle course racing is easy for me, but at the same time I know how difficult it can be to other people and being able to help and watch their success is awesome.  Probably the most trying race I have done was  Green Beret Challenge at Rock on Adventures a few years ago.  It was very hot, it was very physically demanding, mentally challenging, long, and brutal.  That’s the thing about obstacle courses is that depending on the type and event it can be just as big of a mental challenge as physical.

(KDub) – So will we see you at Mud Titan 7 on April 8, 2017?

(JG)  -  Yes, I will be there because I am also going to be Cadre on the 2nd class of the 12 Labors of Hercules which is on the same day after the race.

(KDub) – Is there anything else you want the world to know about Joshua?

(JG)  -  Yes! I never turn down free food, or beer tickets.

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