MudTitan - The 12 Labors of Hercules

If you follow MudTitan on Facebook you will have noticed a brand new event being promoted.  The event is called The 12 Labors of Hercules and will be taking place on Saturday August 20, 2016 beginning at 2:00PM.  If you’re like me the first thing that goes through your mind is the word awesome, followed by the questions… “What is this exactly?” “Is this a run?” “Is this easy?” “Will I be able to complete this?” “Why isn’t there more information?”  I was able to speak with Nate Gonzalez, with MudTitan, to try and obtain some clarification on this new event.  Here’s what Nate had to say:

(KDub - AKA Muddy Warrior Chick) I noticed that MudTitan has begun to promote a new event called The 12 Labors of Hercules!  Can you tell me how this will be different than what we already have seen from MudTitan?

(Nate Gonzalez - NG) This will be different from top to bottom. This will not be a race style event but more of a team building experience which will be unforgettable.

(KDub) Would you say this is more of an Obstacle Course Race (OCR) like we’ve seen from MudTitan or a longer Challenge/Endurance type of event?

(NG) This will be a Challenge/endurance type of event.

(KDub) Is this an entire day event, or will it be completed in a few hours?

(NG) This event will last 4-6 hours of continuous challenges.

(KDub) Where did you get the idea to add this to MudTitans line up?

(NG) It's been on my mind since MudTitan 5 (MT5).  I have seen a ton of other companies start to shift toward longer endurance based events and I wanted our seasoned Titans to be able to embark on an extra challenge outside of the normal events we put on. Greek mythology is extremely fascinating to me so it wasn't hard to pick from the story lines.

(KDub) From what I understand there will be 12 challenges throughout the day which the participant must complete in order to advance to the next.  Without divulging too much, could you give me an example of what 2 possible challenges will be?

(NG) We are taking the 12 Labors of Hercules from mythology and modernizing it with a MudTitan twist. Two of the challenges will be the Nemean Lion and the Lernean Hydra.  I would definitely encourage everyone to read up on the 12 Labors before they come.  You can find more information about them here: The Labors of Hercules

(KDub) How family friendly will this be, would I be able to bring my teenage children to participate with me?

(NG) Yes, this will be a team event so the labor(s) can be shared amongst the group.

(KDub) Outside of bragging rights everyone always wants to know about the bling!  What can participants expect to receive upon completion of all 12 events?

(NG) 12 Labors of Hercules medal.

(KDub) Any type of suggestions you have for people who are thinking about registering?

(NG) Don't wait, we have a strict limit of 200 participants and spots are filling up fast.  All fitness levels are welcome but quitters aren't!

(KDub) Will teams be able to stay together?

(NG) Yes, teams will be established on event day but we will keep teams together as much as possible.

(KDub) What happens if someone doesn't complete all 12 Labors?

(NG) If you quit you will not get the medal at the end. This is designed to test your limits but not break you so anyone can complete this if they have the determination.

(KDub) Wow, well this seems like an event that will be talked about for some time!  Thank you Nate for allowing me the opportunity to ask you a few questions regarding this new and exciting event.

If you would like to learn more about The 12 Labors of Hercules visit the event page on Facebook at: The 12 Labors of Hercules Event


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