Mud Titan's Featured Athlete - Josalyn Wright

When I first met Josalyn 2 years ago I assumed she was your typical 9 year old girl.  As a person who is no stranger to Obstacle Course Race (OCR) weekends, and watching families come in and out of the festival area, I naturally assumed she was there to spectate, watch her mom and dad run, and maybe help watch her little brother.  Little did I know, Josalyn Wright is a mini beast at racing! She doesn’t watch her parents run OCR’s, she runs them herself, and in most cases faster than them.  Her athleticism and dedication at such a young age prompted me into making her MudTitans Featured athlete this week.

I had the pleasure of being able to interview Josalyn alongside her dad, Morgan Wright.  Here is what Josalyn had to say:

(KDub - AKA Muddy Warrior Chick) Hi Josalyn, thank you for taking the time to interview with me!  Please tell me your name, age, and the grade of school you’re going into next year?
Photo Credit:  Louis A Battistini - Gameface Media

(Josalyn Wright – JW) My name is Josalyn, I am 11 years old and I am going into 6th grade next year.  I am going into middle school.

(KDub) What are your favorite hobbies?

(JW)  Well, I really like Physical Education (PE) a lot.  I like all the games that my teacher puts out for me.  I mean I also like jumping with a jump rope, hula hooping, and also doing the obstacles at races.  They are so much fun, and I just love doing them, it’s as if it’s a big playground.

(KDub) What do you do to be active and work out when you’re not at school?

(JW)  Usually I have to do my fitness before I’m allowed to go on any type of electronic.

(KDub)  Oh, what type of fitness things do you do?

(JW)  Sometimes push ups, boxing, running and I also work out with my mom and dad.

(KDub) Do you remember your very first Obstacle Course Race?

(JW)  Oh yes I do! Remember dad, it was that elf race, the one mile, and I had a tiny medal? 

(Morgan Wright – Dad) What was your first real race, your first 5K?

(JW)  Hmm… I only remember that one, that’s a toughie. We are going to go look at my medals and let you know.

*At this point in the interview I hear Josalyn and her dad grab, what sounds like, multiple medals clinking together.  They both are chatting away while searching for Josalyn’s first medal.  I can’t help but smile knowing how proud Morgan is of Josalyn and how she earned each of those clinks I am listening to over the phone.

(JW)  Yep, you’re right MudTitan 3 was my first one.

(KDub)  Do you remember who did you do it with?

(JW)  I did it with my dad!

(KDub) What made you want to do your first Obstacle Course Race?

(JW)  Well, I always would see my dad go out and run a lot.  I would never get to go with him for the mud runs.  My dad told me that if I can do a 5K in under 30 minutes or less then he will let me go with him on some mud runs.  I thought that would be the best thing in the world.  He would always go on Facebook to check out some new things and I would always see pictures of him in the races.  When he would show me his pictures I thought “oh my gosh” I want to do that so much.

(Dad)  I had always told her that if she could run a 5K in under 30 minutes I would take her.  At 7 years old she ran a 5K in 28 minutes and 47 seconds.  That’s when I had to buck up and bring her.  I called MudTitan and begged them to allow her to run. They agreed and as long I stayed with her, it was okay. 

(KDub)  Is there one thing you have to bring with you to any race that you can’t live without?

(JW)  Yes, it was…but I grew out of it, my kilt.  It’s too small for me, so for now it’s my headband.  I put my hair back in a ponytail, and maybe a moose hat, because that’s really awesome.

(KDub) What is your favorite obstacle in all the OCRs you’ve done?

(JW)  This is hard, but I would say the one where you run up, there is trampoline you have to jump on, and then grab a net on a wall.

(KDub)  I remember that one it was at Rugged Maniac.

(JW)  Yes it was!

(KDub) Tell me what you think your biggest accomplishment has been to date?

(JW)  My half-marathon.  I did my half-marathon in 2 hours and 9 minutes.

(KDub)  Holy smokes, did you train a lot for that?

(JW)  Definitely, and my dad always tells me one thing and that is “Trust My Training.”

(KDub) Who is your role model and why?

Photo Credit:  Kimberly D'Angiolillo
(JW)  My dad because he’s always going out running, encouraging me, and no matter if I didn’t get first place in a race he’ll always be like “it’s okay you tried your best.”  The next race I go out and try harder and harder and I usually always place because of him.  He always encourages me and I never try to stop and never give up.  He trains with me too.

(KDub) Any advice for other 11 year old's out there who want to get active and start racing?

(JW)  Never give up, always give it your best shot, and practice, practice a lot.  You do a lot better with practice.

(KDub) Will you be at the next MudTitan event?

(JW)  We are signed up for MudTitan 6 because I won the push up contest.  My dad won the push up contest for the boys!

*MudTitan gave the winners of the push up contests free registrations at MudTitan 5.

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